Cleopatra coming out of the carpet

$100.00 USD

technique: charcoal
size: aprox. 49 cm x 33 cm ~ 19 1/3” x 13” year 2023

abstract: The general Pompey, occupied Egypt in 48 BC; and supported Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII he was only 11 years or age. His sister Cleopatra knew that if Egypt didn’t play its cards well, it would become a vassal and not an ally of Rome; the princess could not meet with Julius Caesar; so, to achieve this, she sent him a very thin and fine Persian rolled carpet, and she was hidden inside. Julius Caesar fell madly in love, Cleopatra bore him a son and he supported her to become Pharaoh of an empire of more than 3000 years. It was August 42 BC, she was 20 years old, Caesar 52.
By the way: Julius Caesar at this time the most powerful man in the world, had a #disability and suffered attacks of dyslexia